10 Pack

Rocket Pack Jack and the Babylon Virus  

10 DVD $75


Why do you need 10 DVDs? Church leaders who want to do fun giveaways to visitors or for achievements to their kids. You can also use them for a fund raiser getting over 40% off the price of a single DVD.

While on a mission, secret agent Rocket Pack Jack, finds himself cornered and must enlist the help of rule-breaker, Truett. Together the two must stop Karnivor, a group of high tech villains and their evil robots, from releasing a computer virus that would corrupt all the world’s documents. Truett learns the consequences of breaking rules and the forgiveness found in Christ.

Each DVD includes:

• RPJ 50 minute Film
• The Making of RPJ
• Movie Trailers
• A Blooper Reel
• A Hidden Menu
• Plus More!